5 Non Sexual Ways To Be Intimate

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By Luke Miller 

What is intimacy? It could be argued that it is the key to any good relationship, be it a friendship, family relationship or a loving partnership. But what does it actually mean?

There is a clue in the word Intimacy:

Cy-inti-ma: See into me.

To be intimate is to see into someone and to be seen. No barriers. Just true honest expression of mind, body and spirit.

Honest sex is intimate, honest kissing is intimate and sharing your desires with someone close to you is intimate. However there is far more to it than just sexual desire. You can be intimate with anyone in a non sexual way and here are 5 ways to share that space.


There is nothing more intimate than honesty, and there are many levels to this. Honesty in the form of language is one thing, but to truly be able to express honestly with your energy is something that cannot be faked.

Honesty comes in many forms and can often be painful to express, but honesty is the highest form of respect, love and intimacy that one can express for another.

The Eyes

We often get bogged down with language and the need to fill silence with spoken words, however if you really want to communicate with someone, take a moment of silence and look them in the eyes.

This is often uncomfortable, but this is only due to the fact that a different, unconditioned level of communication is happening.

The eyes are the window, this is how you know if your souls recognise each other.


The hands are very powerful, they radiate energy and if you are tuned in and sensitive enough you can learn a lot from simply being touched by someone.

This can be used alongside the eyes also. If you connect with someone- left hand, to right hand, right hand to left and look them in the eyes- you will exchange soul energy through the eyes, but also physical energy through the hands.

There are many ways to touch- massage, putting you hands on someone’s shoulders when the speak with you or sharing a hug.

Touch is powerful and one of the truest forms of intimacy.


There is no truer form of expression than your art and while many suppress their inner artist we are all artists deep down.

You can express art with someone or express your art to them or enjoy someone’s art with them.

Art comes in many forms- music, poetry, dance, painting, sculpture anything that allows you to express and be in a singular moment with another is a true form of art.


Food is the key to the soul and food is one of the most sacred things we experience as human beings.

To sit down and share this with someone is you inviting someone into your world.

We have lost connection to the basics, with food being one of them- if you can be in the moment with someone or a group of people sharing food, you are sharing a piece of yourself in that moment.

Food is love, it is common ground that we all share- it is a moment when 2 or more people can break down the illusion of separation and intimately be together to nourish the body and soul.

So intimacy is for you to see into me and me to see into you. This article is intimate and your attention on it is also intimate. So thanks for sharing this moment with me! Much love to you!

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