Do Cats And Dogs See “Spirits”? Study Shows Animals See Different Frequencies Than Humans Do

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By Amanda Froelich

Have you ever been reading a book or watching television when all of a sudden, your cat or dog becomes fixated on a seemingly invisible object? For paranormal fans, such occasions are more than just spooky, they are downright intriguing. Well, new research suggests it is likely cats and dogs are seeing something we aren’t, as it turns out they — like other animals — are able to see ultraviolet (UV) light.

Scientists discovered that unlike humans, animals such as cats, dogs, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs, and ferrets do not contain a lens that blocks UV light — the wavelength beyond the visible light from red to violet humans can see — from entering the retina. As a result, they can see more than we do.

Ron Douglas, the study leader and a biologist at City University London, England, told Live Science: “Nobody ever thought these animals could see in ultraviolet, but in fact, they do.”

Reportedly, ultraviolet vision serves several purposes. Rodents, for instance, use UV light to follow urine trails. Reindeer are suspected to use ultraviolet light to see polar bears which, in visible light, blend in with the snow. And bees and other insects use UV light to perceive patterns or colors on plants that can direct them to nectar.

While it is presently speculation that spirits may be visible to those who can detect UV light, it is possible beings who exist on higher dimensions are what/who household pets are perceiving. Because incidences such as these are incredibly common, the hypothesis should not be dismissed until further research is conducted, or hypersensitive individuals (people who are more in tune with their intuition) can offer insight on the phenomena.

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Image Credit:jozefklopacka / 123RF Stock Photo

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