We Are “ALL” In An Abusive Relationship And It Is Time To Leave

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By Luke Miller 

It is time to get out before it is too late!

The one piece of advice that is almost universal when it comes to someone you love being abused, is to leave. The fact is abusers do not usually change, yet we expect those who are doing the societal abusing to be the change makers that benefit humanity. It is time to see society for what it is- a small group of people systematically abusing and hoarding resources to disempower the rest of the globe.

 We are “ALL” in an abusive relationship and in this video I talk about how we can leave by making better decisions.

We win this revolution with love and by making conscious decisions. Time to rebel in peace people!
Image Credit:marjan4782 / 123RF Zdjęcie Seryjne

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